Saturday, March 30, 2019

Day 8 27/3/2019 Goulburn to Leura

Day 8 

The day started with wonderful sunshine.  Our day also started slowly this morning as Alan and Michael had to replace the manifold gasket on the Cream 12/50.  Fortunately both being very capable this was done quite quickly but it did mean we didn't get away until about 10:45.

Noeline and Maritta wait - taking in the warm sunshine in Goulburn.

Peter holds the brolly while Alan and Michael set about changing the head gasket.

Goulburn's "Big Merino"

All Alvis's are back on the road heading for Mayfield Park just before Oberon.
Once on the road we had a pleasant, although tiring, drive to Mayfield Gardens for lunch. The road had some very serious hills along the way which required Alan to once again select 1st gear on a number of occasions and even though we left a good 45 minutes after everyone else we made it to the Gardens just in time for our 1pm lunch appointment.

Several of the Alvis's cut a fine figure in the Garden's carpark.  Richard (on the phone) was busy keeping Pauline informed of his progress.

The extensive Mayfield gardens from the lookout - has a large variety of plants and unusual vegetables.
The lunch was excellent with a variety of fresh cut sandwiches, a lovely garden salad and finished off with a delightful in-house made caramel slice.  The staff couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly.

David and Bev ponder the gardens.  The stone walls are amazing - dry wall stacked stone.

Adrian leaves lunch and heads off to take in the gardens.

Lesley and Bob admire the stone walls.

Back on the road heading for Leura
Now the roads get a little more interesting - from there we proceeded through Oberon and Black Heath, over a few more big hills and up into the beautiful Blue Mountains arriving in Leura for our overnight stop. Tonight we are having dinner in Fairmont's dining room and Noeline has a general knowledge quiz for us to battle our way through.
The 12/50 merges into the Great Western Highway and back into traffic.

Heading up into the Blue Mountains.

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