Saturday, April 20, 2019

Day 24 12/4/19 National Rally Day 5 Corowa, Chiltern, Rutherglen

Day 24

This is our last day!!  Again a warm sunny morning.  Our  first stop today was the Jinderra Pioneer Museum. This is housed in what was originally the General Store and contained an incredible variety of historic items. Outside were a number of other buildings including a slab hut and a collection of farm equipment.
Not sure what Mike was on this morning, perhaps he is planning on flying home although I don't remember him buying a broom in Tumut

Outside Jindera Museum

Control room of Andrew's 12/50

General store/ Museum has a huge collection of cans, bottles and much much more

Stained glass windows in the attic

Unusual articulated tractor, looks a bit of a handful to me

Steam traction engine still has its gauges and could be restored.

Very elegant Silver Crest (newly purchased by Chris) outside the museum

Doug's Jag outside the museum
From Jinderra we travelled to All Saints Winery in Corowa for lunch.  Lunch was excellent however Dale caused a stir when he decided it was one meal to many and spent the time wandering around the estate gardens then taking a snooze under a shady tree.  A number of members were concerned but all was well.

All Saints Winery Entrance Garden
Chinese Dormitories at All Saints Winery. Many of the building are heritage listed

Part of the original cellars, the wineries is one of the oldest in Australia

Don and Jill enjoy the gardens

What can I say - how lovely!

Fantails in the garden (just for you Lyn)

Engine room of Rough Red.

Alvi line up at All Saints.

Firebird rests in the shade of the gums.

A very tranquil setting

Tip Turkeys at work aerating the lawn (just for you Lyn)
After lunch we visited Max’s Motor Museum in Corowa. The highlight of this visit, apart from the wide variety of cars on display, was the ritual starting of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. It doesn’t matter how many times you see one of these magnificent monsters up close, the noise and smoke is always spectacular.

Max's Motor Museum, Corowa

28L V12 Rolls Royce Merlin at startup, the noise was impressive

From Max’s the route took us via Rutherglen, Chiltern and Barnawatha to Albury and tonight’s final dinner. Tonight we say a final good-bye as most are planning on leaving early for the long trip home.  As we are in a modern this is not a problem.  It has been such a wonderful tour and rally.  We have seen and done so much.  Many thanks to all involved.

Day 23 11/4/19 National Rally Day 4 Albury

Day 23

Today is to be a quiet day as the only official request was that we display the cars in QEll square in central Albury.  We have been asked to arrive around 10 am and leave sometime after 2pm. Informal tours of the Albury Art Gallery and the main city library where available or a self guided tour of the highlights around the city centre.

Inside the Art Gallery Foyer

Display in the park
Our first task was to remove the Centenary Banner from the Motel entrance and re-erect it somewhere in the square, we found a suitable spot between a couple of pylons at the front of the gardens.

Our banner in QE2 Square
Next task, find somewhere to park the modern, this took a while as most parking close to the square is limited in time, although still free. Eventually found a multi story carpark a couple of blocks behind the square. Then, a cup of tea before a guided tour of the Art Gallery.

The ladies then went shopping whilst Alan, Mike and myself sought out the local Antique fair to see what was on offer. A huge array of furntiture, glassware, ornaments and other bric-a brac was available for sale along with several cars. The cars ranged from a modern land rover to a Wolseley 4/40 and an Austin 7 racing car, 20 years ago I think the racing car would have bee tempting but my tastes have changed.

Some of Albury's historic buildings

12/50 engine room

Firefly control room

Firefly mascot

Alvi bask in the sunshine. We did pull quite a crowd.

Max's 12/50 makes its first appearance for some years.

The different models and years are well represented.

Liz admires the Silver Crest

The MGB "snuck" into the line up.
Back to the park for a while and eventually the ladies arrived with their burdens. It was then back to the Motel to prepare for this evenings ‘Centenary’ theme night.
Centenary celebrations being...with a drink

The glamorous came out to party.

Karen explains the "great Boson 'malassacre' of 1919" (follow the link)

Piston and conrod create an interesting table centerpiece

Not sure what Mike has been drinking or what he plans to go home in??

Didn't recognise Bruce in his centenary finery

Great night together

Noeline and Alan note Pauline went all out as usual

Heather "flew in" for the night.

Day 24 12/4/19 National Rally Day 5 Corowa, Chiltern, Rutherglen

Day 24 This is our last day!!  Again a warm sunny morning.  Our  first stop today was the Jinderra Pioneer Museum. This is house...